Angus Machining Solutions Ltd recognise some companies don’t have the resources or the experience to manage the manufacturing Supply Chain themselves. We created our Manufacturing & Sourcing service to allow our customers to free up valuable internal resources by having us handle this for them and in most cases reducing their sourcing costs.

Step 1: Plan:- We work with the client to understand their needs and manufacturing strategy. This may be to either manufacture a product or component or have it manufactured by a supplier. We look at the benefits and disadvantages of different options presented by various supply chain models. These options may include: Manufacturing a product component domestically or having it manufactured overseas.

Step 2: Source:- This is the step where we identify suitable suppliers and once they have been vetted, we start to negotiate contracts and schedule deliveries. This to ensure the service provides the best possible price, in the right quantity and at the right time. Supplier performance will be assessed and payments to the suppliers made when appropriate.

Step 3: Make:- This stage relates to the scheduling of production activities, testing of product, packing and release.  We also manage the supplier performance and compliance.

Step 4: Deliver:- We expedite orders, co-ordinate invoicing, payments received, and help manage import and export requirements for the finished product.

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